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Brett Johnson, MD

Founder & Owner of 6|Lobes Training

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Surgery Resident

Doctor of Medicine

Master of

Sports Science


TCU Baseball


Hofstra Baseball

"It wasn’t until I graduated from medical school and began my surgical residency that I realized how growing up playing sports, and ultimately receiving a scholarship to play baseball at Texas Christian University (undergrad) and Hofstra University (grad school), prepared my mind to handle a significant amount of stress. I was amazed to discover that the skills I developed as an athlete, such as how to manage substantial pressure, are the exact same skills that now allow me to have control over my body and mind in the high-intensity environment of the operating room.


After coming to this realization, I began to question why so little emphasis is placed on instructing youth athletes how to develop a mentality that will improve their ability to find success both on and off the field. This is why I started 6|Lobes Training. By utilizing my experiences as a surgical resident, a graduate of Texas A&M Medical School, a former Division I collegiate baseball player, and a holder of a Master’s Degree in Sports Science, I developed the 6|Lobes Mental Strength Training Program© to help build elite mentalities in youth athletes. A mentality that will not only help them achieve success in their sport, but also in their pursuit of achieving their ultimate dreams outside of athletics."

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In sports, in order for an athlete to reach their full-potential, their pursuit for mental strength is equally if not more important than physical strength.



In life outside of sports, in order for anyone to achieve their ultimate dreams, mental strength is a requirement.  
So then WHY do youth athletes spend thousands of hours training their physical strength, but minimal, if any time at all, training their mental strength?!


With Physical Strength...


Youth athletes can easily see the elite physical strength in professional athletes.


Youth athletes feel comfortable talking to their parents, peers and coaches about physical strength training.


Coaches are very experienced in teaching players how to improve their physical strength.


Youth athletes can easily see the changes to their bodies that result from physical strength training.

But with Mental Strength...


Youth athlete's can't easily see the elite mental strength in proffesional athletes.


Youth athlete's often feel uncomfortable talking to their parents, peers and coaches about physical strength training.


Most coaches have minimal experience teaching mental strength training to players.


Youth athletes can't easily see the changes to their mind that result from mental strength training.  

This all Causes Problems...

Youth athletes grow up trying to imitate their favorite athlete's elite physical strength but not their elite mental strength.


 The 6|Lobes Mental Strength Training Program©

Our novel training program is revolutionizing how youth athletes view mental strength training. Developed to resemble a typical strength training program, the 6|Lobes program provides youth athletes with a recognizable framework that is easy to understand.


Concepts such as courage, resilience and leadership are treated as "Mental Muscles," which can trained and strengthened through real life exercise.


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Coaches have the opportunity to expose their team to mental strength training by joining 6|Lobes Teams Training.

By creating a program that emphasizes community and encourages the sharing of ideas between members, youth athletes quickly begin to feel comfortable talking about mental strength training.  


By making each exercise throughout the program measurable, youth athletes are able to visualize their mind getting stronger, which ultimately encouraging them to continue their pursuit toward developing an elite mentality.  

When training physical strength you exercise your 6 muscle groups.

When training mental strength you exercise your 6 lobes.

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Lobe 1

Maximize the Morning

Lobe 2

Prepare for Success

Lobe 3

Compete like a Champion

Lobe 4

Overcome Adversity

Lobe 5

Live to


Lobe 6

Make Progress Permanent

How the Program Works...

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