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Brett Johnson, MD

Founder of 6
|Lobes Training &
Creator of The 6
|Lobes Mental Strength Training Program©


It wasn’t until I graduated from medical school and began my surgical residency that I realized how growing up playing sports, and ultimately receiving a scholarship to play baseball at Texas Christian University (undergrad) and Hofstra University (grad school), prepared my mind to handle a significant amount of stress. I was amazed to discover that the skills I developed as an athlete, on how to manage substantial pressure, are the exact same skills that now allow me to have control over my body and mind in the high-intensity environment of the operating room.

After coming to this realization, I began to question why so little emphasis is placed on instructing youth athletes how to develop a mentality that will improve their ability to find success both on and off the field.  This is why I started 6|Lobes Training™. By utilizing my experiences as a surgical resident, a graduate of Texas A&M Medical School, a former Division I collegiate baseball player, and a holder of a Master’s Degree in Sports Science, I developed the 6|Lobes Mental Strength Training Program© to help build elite mentalities in youth athletes. A mentality that will not only help youth athletes achieve success in their sport, but also in their pursuit of achieving their ultimate dreams outside of athletics.

Education and Prior Athletic Experiences

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I am currently a surgical resident and working toward a career in Surgical Oncology.


Doctor of Medicine

Master of

Sports Science

I earned my MD from Texas A&M School of Medicine.

Gig 'em! 

I earned my Master's Degree in Sports Science from Hofstra University. 


Bachelor of Biology

I earned my Undergraduate degree in Biology from Texas Christian University.


Hofstra Baseball

Athletic scholarship award recipient at Hofstra University as a graduate student 


TCU Baseball

Athletic scholarship award recipient at Texas Christian University as an undergraduate student


Vermont Mountaineers Summer Baseball

While at TCU, I spent my summers competing in the New England Collegiate Baseball League.


D-BAT Select


In high school I was on a highly competitive travel baseball team. I spent summers playing in-front of hundreds of collegiate and MLB scouts in addition to thousands of spectators. 


Plano Senior HS Baseball

I was a 3-year varsity baseball starter at Plano Senior High School in Texas. 

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